About Us

INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION is one among the foremost institution for conducting Online Examination in various field. In 2019-20, the IFE promisses to be one of the best online examination center in Jamshedpur - situtated at the heart of the city.

The Institute has various centres in various disciplines of Education, with nearly 200+ system well equiped and organised infrastructure.

Our Strength

  • Best collaboration and Bonding with the undertaking exam bodies.
  • Managed Infrastructure with best services.
  • Year of experience and expertise of conducting large scale, high stakes examinations.

Our Services

  • Exam Services.
  • Our Own OES Software and On-Screen Assesment based on Latest pattern - Comming Soon...
  • Educational Services.


  • We continuously upgrade ourself for the upcomming pro-sol to incorporate best practices.
  • The solution is constantly enriched based on user and vendor feedback.
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